IGaming vertical

The iGaming vertical connects you with hundreds of advertisers, enabling you to take advantage of top-of-the-line betting and gambling offers to boost your earnings in iGaming.
Choose from over 2,000 slots.
Access to 20+ top offers from
 our direct advertisers.
Bonuses from iGaming +

Win Big at Trafee’s iGaming!

Trafee’s platform provides access to attractive CPA bids in gambling, betting, and other areas, allowing you to earn substantial commissions.
For affiliates
Rates are higher than what you’ll find with other affiliate networks.
Top offers with adjustable terms.
A personal manager will guide and present best-tailored offers in iGaming.
Trustworthy advertisers.
For advertisers
Reliable traffic sources
Our anti-fraud system verifies and removes fraudulent sources, ensuring high quality.
Customizable funnel and seamless integration.
Diverse traffic formats and types for any GEO

What is an iGaming vertical exactly?

iGaming is a promising vertical in affiliate network, combining online gambling and sports betting. It gives affiliates incredible opportunities to make big bucks by offering high-paying offers and a wide selection of gambling and gaming options.

Our expert managers will team up with you to determine the best way to promote your business and boost profits while ensuring a positive customer experience.

Why choose affiliate marketing in iGaming?

Trafee’s affiliate network changes the game by providing serious cash flow to its affiliates with the help of:
Worldwide reach
Appealing prelanding
Exceptional and 
exclusive in-house offers
On-the-fly statistics/
Live Statistics

Advantages of partnering with Trafee’s affiliate network.

Smartlink and Exclusive Offers
Check out our immense selection of incredible gaming offers, or just use Smartlink and let it do all the work for you, directing traffic towards the most profitable and perfect offer out there
Lowest hold time
At Trafee, we offer weekly payouts starting at $100 with no holding period.
Simple Testing of Top Offers
Level up your offer testing game to uncover the verticals as well as formats that give you the biggest ROI boost from traffic.
Get Paid Every Week
Trafee offers to pay you every week using all the popular payment methods out there

Advantages of partnering with Trafee’s affiliate network.

Trafee’s affiliate network in iGaming is constantly finding new and innovative ways to support its affiliates in generating more income:

If you’re part of Trafee’s affiliate network in iGaming, you can begin selecting offers. Simply log in to your publisher account, navigate to the offers section, and sort by the highest payout. It’s that simple

For affiliates

  • Get to Know the Market
  • Cultivate Relationships
  • Stay Determined
  • Stay Flexible

When choosing the best offer for your traffic, it’s a good idea to run A/B tests on them. This way, you can find out which one generates more conversions for your specific audience. Don’t be afraid to keep experimenting with strategies that really connect with your audience, and make sure to regularly check in on your test results.

You can access a wide range of exclusive offers by getting in touch with your personal affiliate managers.

Frequently asked questions

What offers are available?
We have offers to suit every taste, brought to you by all the top advertisers on the market. If you haven’t found a suitable offer or GEO, don’t worry! You can always write to your personal manager with a request and we’ll do our best to make it happen.
Is payment made through reconciliations?
In terms of payments, they are made based on reconciliations from the advertiser after they have analyzed the quality of the traffic you have provided
What are the test caps for a particular offer?
Typically, test caps can range anywhere from 20fd to 50fd. It’s up to each advertiser to set the level of their own test cap
Are creatives provided by us?
Unfortunately, we don’t provide any creatives at this time