We present TrafeeMachine

A powerfull artificial intelligent traffic monetization system

how we monetize your traffic? easy!


ai optimization

Optimize with AI data analysis and control


any device

Optimized campaigns for Mobile, Tablet, Desktop and Smart TV


100+ countries

Our campaigns are active in 100+ countries and 20+ languages


distribution and delivery

Fast and efficient distribute your campaign's availability

about us

TrafeeMachine is a powerful AI system for efficient monetization of your traffic.
Our team has more then 15 years experience of developing and support high perfomance traffic management systems.

we are awesome for you

A powerful platform for fast and easy monetization of your traffic

trafee advantage

our goal

Maximize your traffic perfomance

trafee advantage

ai targeting

Smart AI Targeting for best matching offers

trafee advantage


Rapidly and efficiently distribute your campaign's availability

trafee advantage

user-friendly interface

Awesome and easy to use interface