Trafee: updated postback for everyone

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Postback is a mechanism that allows the cpa network to transfer conversion data directly to your tracker. This is an installable tool-service that will enable you to have a more in-depth overview of your conversions. In doing so, giving you an insight into completion times of target actions, the amount of a conversion, which countries your conversions have come from, as well as other additional information you may find useful regarding your conversions. You can install Postback on the affiliate network using a third-party tracking system (Telegram bot, Keitaro and others). In the modern world, it is almost impossible for an affiliate marketer to succeed without the use of postback.

Our cpa network recently supplemented it with new parameters to make the webmaster’s work more convenient.

Improve the efficiency of your entire sales funnel; find, enrich and qualify your leads to increase sales opportunities; get the information you need to improve. Conversion data on the website is always available in one click. Get insight into the statistics and strategy of any website at the click of a button, all in one tab.

Analysis macros:

The following macros are now available for tracking:

  • {country} — country of the click origin, e.g. “US” or “CA”;
  • {currency} — currency of the payment, e.g. “USD”, “CAD”;
  • {smartlink} — the smartlink name you have entered;
  • {track} — the tracking value you have submitted;
  • {click_id} — the click id value from the ‘click_id’ param in the smartlink url;
  • {sum} — the conversion payout, a float value with a dot delimiter.
user panel with postback settings

This gives affiliates the opportunity to receive a greater depth of information, and in particular, to conduct a qualitative analysis and create reports based upon conversion data.

Postback url:

Postback url is a link that is used to collect reports for CPA networks and advertisers about targeted actions on the offer website. A postback URL is a simple URL with added parameters that are utilised on each conversion. This URL contains some data parameters such as a unique click id, conversion value, country, and currency. It is important to note that you must be logged in to an affiliate network server or tracking server in order for the authenticity of a conversion to be verified.

How PostBack URL works:

1.The user sees a specific ad (and offer) and clicks on it.

2.The user takes the target action on the offer page, and the conversion is correctly attributed to the desired partner.

3.The conversion is recorded. The user is given a special identifier for the session, the so-called ID click, which is sent to the affiliate network and displayed in the landing page URL.

4.The affiliate network, in turn, transfers all available parameters to your tracker.

When a webmaster sends traffic to an advertiser’s site, special parameters such as a “partner ID” are added to the URL, which allows the backend servers to assign the conversion to the corresponding affiliate partner. The entire tracking process starts with clicking on the advertiser’s affiliate link. Following this, the click ID key is automatically placed on the tracking link.

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