Adult Offers — the simplest way to earn millions (Part 2)

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Let’s talk about your target audience.

You need to remember, that every offer varies and so do their audiences. As of such, you need to research each and every one individually. However, we can still learn from some tendencies.

Let’s look at our dear friend Pornhub again. 2021 saw the proportion of female visitors grow to 35%, an increase of 1 percentage point and +5% growth compared to 2020. However, we can see that the male audience is still the majority. The age 18 to 44 would be our main age segment, making up more than 70% of the whole visitors.

Visitor demographic of Pornhub

Tinder — one of the most popular dating apps, has quite similar statistics. 78,1% of users are men, and 21,9% of users are women, and our previous age group (18 to 44) takes up more than 90% of all the users!

Age demographic for Tinder

As you can see, there are no certain restrictions on the target audience — after all, everyone has a place for love and lust in their heart, no matter their gender, age, or occupation. This means that you’d really struggle to mess up here when it comes to your targeting settings.

How to earn on the Adult vertical?

Adult traffic comes from users interested in adult products. This can be both physical goods — intimate toys, outfits, clothing items — or digital. The latter includes paid content subscriptions marked “18+”, SMS subscriptions, webcams, sex dating, and Adult games.

Now we’ll talk about the main sources where webmasters and affiliates attract adult traffic in order to monetize it.

There are plenty of ways you can send traffic to Adult offers — everything depends upon the time you dedicate, your budget, and the tools you have in your possession.

First, let’s talk about free opportunities, then we’ll go through the most popular sources.

There are plenty of possibilities for free traffic — Social Media Messengers (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), Chat-Bots, Comments in various communities; Forums (comments, announcements, threads); Even your own website/landing (SEO optimization). However, you should also consider using paid services, such as Paid Ad Campaigns (Google Ads), or Social Media targeting (promoting your posts or community). Remember that you need to be careful when it comes to chat traffic, because a lot of companies (including Trafee) don’t accept it. Keep this in mind so you don’t run the risk of your account being suspended.

If you feel confident about earning on Adult, here are a couple of ways that are proven to be the best:

Your websites. One of the best options is to create your own adult-themed resource and then advertise Adult offers from it. This may sound like a long and arduous road, but it does bring with it generous results.

PUSH-notifications. The majority of Adult offers, including Adult Dating, accept traffic from push notifications. This is relatively cheap, doesn’t consume a lot of time, and doesn’t get you suspended. We already have a case study about it that you can read on our blog.

What creatives will help you earn more?

Creatives mainly depend on the visitor’s purpose — the search for a significant other, or a one-night stand. In the first case, creatives should not be aggressive, however, if the offer is aimed toward erotica, some level of provocation is allowed.

It’s easy with the creatives. Typical “I liked you, you can watch me live here”, “My hot broadcast where I’ll pleasure you”, or the classic “I’m waiting for you here”. Note that today, creatives with “real” women convert much more successfully — Pics from photo stock, on the other hand, will lack credibility and often create distrust.

Here are some examples of good ones:

Creative for Mainstream Dating

An example of creatives focused on adult.

Creative for Adult Dating

Example of creatives for dating, where the main goal is love.

If you are looking for a place where you can actively earn in the field of Adult — Know that in Trafee you have everything at hand, assembled all in one place.


Dating — is by far one of the most promising verticals. It has a growing interest and certainly isn’t going to decrease in tendency within our lifetime. If you’ve never tried working with Adult verticals, you should definitely give it a try. Even with large competition, with the right creatives, you’ll still be able to earn a profitable amount of money. These are great opportunities — try them today and earn more!