Beyond the Affiliate Network

В настоящее время, статья доступна только на английском языке

The work of support managers, or affiliate specialists, is crucial to the healthy ecosystem of every company. Most people assume that an affiliate specialist is a bot. However, it is one of the common myths. That is what we found out about Trafee Support Managers!

Who is an affiliate manager?

It is not a secret that every web admin is familiar with the support managers of his CPA network. They are the ones who always answer arbitrators’ questions and help with technical questions. The same case works for support managers.

An affiliate manager is a specialist with a wide range of functional responsibilities. Some of them include the aspects of advertising, marketing, and user support. In other words, it is a real person working and helping others, and it is not a bot, as some people might assume!

Support manager duties

In every business model, there is a hierarchy of various jobs. For instance, there are team leads, assistants, the department of marketing, and other exciting specializations. To discover the uniqueness of the affiliate manager profession, we decided to ask people whose positions in the company vary.

The primary duties of the affiliate manager include such daily activities as

  • communication and support for web admins (individual approach to everyone)
  • motivation to increase traffic volumes
  • analysis of the performance of web admins and optimization of their work
  • development of cases and materials to help in the daily grind of the webmaster
  • informing partners about new conditions, changes, promotions, and features

For a team lead, there are other exceptional responsibilities. For example, assistance, consultations of acting affiliate managers in complicated situations, and preparing reports for management.

The affiliate can contact his manager during the registration process on the site and in the course of work.

What qualities should a Trafee support manager have?

‘It is important to have patience, attentiveness, focus on results, and communication skills,’ underlines Vasilina, the team lead of Trafee support. She also noted that it is remarkable to have such skills as knowledge of English, the ability to communicate and clarify the essence of the problem, offering ready-made solutions, analytical skills (an essential skill), knowledge of the technical components, and various software, which web admins use-will be an advantage in this profession.

Continuously learn and test new sources. What worked yesterday doesn’t work today. Or it works, but not as profitably. You can’t get hung up on one thing. ‘You should not expect good long-term results with such an approach!’ warns Vasilina.

The Trafee support team works perfectly. They are always ready to help, advise, and guide you if you have any questions or problems. Don’t hesitate to contact them at any convenient time for you!

We also asked these girls some questions about working process and learn some interest facts.


— Do you like the specifics of your job? What brings you the most pleasure?

— I like my job because it’s a completely new area for me and great opportunity to constantly develop and learn new things. One of the advantages is also constant communication in English.


— What is the hardest part of your job?

— So far, such “difficulties” have not arisen. There are tasks which take more time, but they are not difficult, just the amount of data for analysis is larger


— What’s the funniest or strange incident in your job?

— There was one affiliate who threatened to eat his shoes if his account will suspended. At the same time, clearly having fraud traffic.

The ideal affiliate is…

‘The ideal affiliate is someone who knows exactly what question to ask, doesn’t get into informal conversations, and doesn’t complain about anything,’ said Kate, the affiliate manager.

At the same time, Olga has a different perspective: ‘Experience shows that an actual professional needs technical support very rarely, so the ideal affiliate is one who simply does a quality job and only contacts support for specialized site issues.

The Trafee Support Team is a vivid example of how an effective business model should operate. They will guide you from the time you register on the website and throughout work.