Trafee – Dating affiliate network

Make serious cash from traffic with Trafee, a leading affiliate network in the dating vertical!
With CPA offers and Smartlink technology, you can totally amp up your earnings by joining Trafee. Take your pick from a bunch of awesome offers, or let your users be directed to the best-fitting offer automatically.

So, what’s a dating vertical?

Trafee’s new dating vertical offers a fantastic way to monetize your traffic by promoting dating-related offers

Dating vertical – a super popular affiliate marketing niche that always gets people interested. It’s one of those niches that just never goes out of style. But what is it about dating that makes it so timeless?

The whole craving for personal connection has led to a huge surge in interest in dating sites all around the world. Millions of people have flocked to these online places in search of romantic relationships, making this whole thing more and more popular each day.

Trafee has a ton of exclusive offers, Smartlinks, and GEOs, among other things, from top direct advertisers with awesome products. We’ve made it easy for you to make some bank with traffic in the dating vertical.

Why go with the Dating vertical?

Trafee’s dating Smartlink CPA network gives you a high chance to monetize your dating traffic. People choose Trafee’s dating Smartlink CPA network for the following reasons:
Drive traffic
Access a diverse range of VIP offers and exclusive opportunities, accompanied by pre-tested funnels designed to help you capitalize on your traffic effectively.
Hook users with the hottest offers
Trafee is here to match users with the best-matched offers, thanks to the Smartlink technology. So, the algorithm does its magic every time the link is clicked to analyze the user’s data and send the best offer.

In fact, Smartlink helps you cash up most of your traffic

Perks of partnering with Trafee’s Dating network

Worldwide availability
Tools for Optimization
A Personal Account Manager
Monetization of traffic

Why go with Trafee’s dating vertical? Here are some perks:

  • We have a dedicated manager available 24/7, 365 days a year. Our skilled professional team will answer your questions swiftly and effectively to address your concerns. No need to stress about any issues – just contact us immediately, and we’ll provide you with top-notch support and lightning response times.
  • For you as an affiliate, we have tools to level up campaigns and crush them
  • We’ve got you covered globally with offers in all GEOs and across all platforms and devices

Trafee’s dating vertical and Smartlink technology will help you make money from all of your traffic sources, including social media, search engines, mobile apps, emails, and push notifications. You’ll be able to capitalize most of your traffic with our program.

Tips for Crushing it in Dating Vertical

The dating niche always been super popular and can make you tons of money. But you still must have the right game plan to come out on top.
Pay attention to the visuals
In the dating scene, appearance plays a crucial role, and having attractive visuals can greatly impact campaign outcomes.
Go for quality, not quantity
A few high-quality leads are worth more than a  bunch. High-quality leads are more attractive for users to engage with what you offer – which means more revenue and bonuses for you.
Prioritize location
If you wanna maximize your CPA offers in dating, you need to prioritize the location. For instance, countries in Tier-2 and Tier-3 can be great options, especially if you’re just starting out.

Crushing a dating vertical shouldn’t be a big deal. Trafee makes it incredibly easy to earn money from your traffic, and our amazing team will be there to support you and make your life easier.

Benefits of Dating Vertical, powered by Smartlink

Here’s what Trafee has to offer in the Dating Vertical:
How it works?
Smartlinks utilize an advanced algorithm to connect users with the most fitting offers, considering their previous browsing history. This implies that you can generate revenue from your traffic effortlessly.
Sending your traffic to the most relevant offers
Maximize your earnings with smartlinks that send your traffic to the best-matched offers
Pick from a ton of offers
Trafee isn’t your typical affiliate network. We’ve got a huge range of offers to help you make as much money as possible.

Trafee takes care of the following things

Trafee has got your back when it comes to being a successful affiliate. Check this out:
Full-on traffic optimization
Our Smartlink technology lets you monetize all of your traffic, without exception. Trafee’s algorithms ensure that users are directed to the most suitable offers. If an offer is no longer available, our system will automatically redirect to the next best-matched offer. So you never have to worry about missing out on any opportunities to generate revenue from your traffic.
Super easy to kick off
Getting started with Trafee is a piece of cake because you don’t have to spend money on VPS servers and domains – we’ll help you save money and provide you with tools to rock it.
Comprehensive Reporting Tools
Our reporting tools are so comprehensive that there is no need to use third-party trackers.

We have everything you need to supercharge your campaigns, right here in one place.
Easy to use tools
With Trafee, you can eliminate complex tools, such as multiple filters or expensive subscriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a Dating Vertical?
It is an affiliate network that offers a variety of dating offers. With CPA networks, you can select specific offers to promote, making them ideal for optimizing as well as testing funnels. They provide a simple way to monetize your traffic.
What type of traffic do you accept?
Trafee accepts all kinds of traffic, including mobile app, SEO, social, and email. No matter where your traffic comes from, you can make money with Trafee’s affiliate network.
So, how exactly Smartlinks work?
Smartlinks utilize an advanced algorithm to interpret past data and carefully choose the most fitting offer for you. They handle all the complicated tasks, allowing you to concentrate on maximizing your profits. By using Smartlinks, you can consistently provide your users with top-notch offers, giving you the opportunity to optimize your earnings.
How to activate SmartLink?
To activate SmartLink, create a SmartLink on the SmartLinks tab and send traffic through your link. 
Simply select the correct traffic type, depending on the source of your traffic. 
Select a vertical and click the Launch button.

Give Trafee’s Dating vertical a shot today

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