Important tips from inside affiliate marketing on how not to lose your earnings.

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As a result of the new rules imposed by Instagram and Snapchat, we have recently faced new restrictions in regard to posting links. We have good news, however, as we have found an optimal solution. A solution not only solves this restriction but also serves to increase the webmaster’s income. Are you ready to learn more and continue further on your story to success?

So, let’s begin! According to the new rules implemented, social networks will now limit the opportunities of people producing adult dating vertical traffic with Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok. In addition to this, more and more webmasters are now facing messages from the networks, such as “link is not allowed”, following this message their links are then deleted. As you may have noticed, there are no specific regulations regarding links in the official Instagram rules. As a result, no one knows which links can be added and which links can’t be.

The most common cases of accounts being suspended because of inappropriate links are the following:

  • sites containing inappropriate content for children under 16
  • -multiple address webpage (redirect of URL addresses/ multiple redirects)
  • -links that have already been placed in multiple Instagram accounts at the same time.

In addition to this, links to sites that haven’t yet been indexed by search engines (registered recently) are often blocked, as well as sites that have a bad reputation.

With this in mind, we have considered ways to bypass the newly implemented restrictions.

So what should you do if your account is already promoted and fired up?

We would advise you to encode the link leading to your offers in the form of QR codes that can then be sent to your clients.

How to create a QR code?

  1. Use any online coding service. For example QRcode Monkey
  2. Simply attach the right link and add your logo.
  3. DONE!
How to make your link in QR code
How QR code looks like

Social traffic from Instagram and Facebook converts easily in’s affiliate network program. Here are the TOP country list and their EPM as an example:

  • Norway $215.89
  • Switzerland $134.56
  • Denmark $117.27
  • Germany $114.26.
Example of weekly TOP country rates in Trafee

All you need to do is create a SmartLink in your affiliate panel and begin promoting it on social networks. The rest will be done by our automatic Smartlink system. All Smartlinks optimize automatically after 100–300 clicks. This helps you to maintain a stable conversion.

Furthermore, the advantage of using the Smartlink system in our affiliate program over other programs is the possibility for you to use the variety of traffic sources and technologies made available and distributed by the CDN networks. In other words, your client never finds themselves without an o