Join the iGaming Promo with Trafee!

UPD: The voting is closed. Thanks to all who participated! Keep an eye out for updates on the results.

Buckle up, as we have prepared something interesting for you! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced webmaster who drives traffic to iGaming, we are thrilled to present our unique contest! It's designed for everyone who's eager to discover new horizons in this vertical. So, are you ready for it?

How Shall We Start?

If it's your first time considering venturing into the gambling scene with Trafee, from the moment of this mailing until the end of April (until 05/15/2024), here's what we're ready to offer you:

  • A 10% welcome bonus on your first payout is a great way to start. Sounds like a sweet deal, right?
  • Free Apps will help you get started as smoothly and effectively as possible.
  • Private offers come with weekly payouts with no test period. Your manager is just a message away for more details.
  • Simplified KPI for some offers, making it easier for you to achieve results. Contact your manager for the list!
  • Creatives for Top GEOs: We've prepared specialized creatives for popular destinations like Germany, Italy, Turkey, and more.

Here's the cherry on top:

If you rack up a volume of $1000+ during the contest, we'll extend the conditions just for you for the next month. Sounds like a pretty awesome way to kick things off and start working with us, doesn't it?

Here's how to participate and double your profit:

  • First, register at Trafee
  • Next, write to your personal manager to let them know you're participating. They can provide you with the apps and creatives if you wish.
  • Start pushing traffic to iGaming
  • Earn $1000+ during the promotion period
  • Grab all the benefits and double your profit!

Let’s make some serious cash together!

UPD: The iGaming promotion is extended until May 15! 💸

We've heard your requests and are happy to extend our promotion until May 15. No need to rush, there's still ample time to comfortably meet all requirements and enjoy the same bonus next month. Always remember that at Trafee, we're here for you – all you need to do is grab this opportunity.

👉 Give it a go, win, and make it yours!!