Adult Offers — the simplest way to earn millions (Part 1)

The hottest and most popular offers in affiliate marketing are always found in the Adult vertical, the Dating vertical, and a combination of the two; the Adult Dating vertical. Want to know why they’re so in demand and profitable? Here’s our article on why you should consider earning on them!

People have been interested in these themes for centuries, and they only continue to grow more and more in popularity.

People of all ages, economic backgrounds, and occupations have always had something in common — every human-being searches for love. It’s hardwired into our DNA, and no one can resist it. This is why a Dating vertical is an easy way to earn a living. To prove our words, here are the Google search statistics since the moment of online dating’s initial conception:

Search statistics since online dating began

Changes in the world had a huge impact on our love lives

“Dating, flirting, and interacting with partners didn’t stop because of the pandemic. On the contrary, it just took place online,” sociologist Dr. Marie Bergström suggests. Furthermore, studies from OkCupid show that 27% of users, looking for a partner online, are ready for long-distance relationships.

Meeting a significant other online has replaced meeting through friends. People trust the new dating technology more and more, and the stigma of meeting online seems to have worn off.

‘So what about Adult Dating?’ you may ask. It’s now easier than ever to have a short-term relationship online, not just because it’s easier to engage with a range of potential partners — but because it’s easier to disengage, too. This can be sexually liberating for many users.

Millions of people are now searching for relationships online. This means that if you provide them with a place, you’ll be granted with the opportunity to receive a ton of leads.

Another great field for traffic is adult content. For example, Pornhub — arguably the biggest and most popular of adult websites, has a great upward tendency. Pornhub recently shared their statistics, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised:

Worldwide Traffic Changes during Covid-19 in Pornhub

Not only do they receive 100 million visitors every day, but they also had a huge boom in traffic as a result of the pandemic. Covid certainly wasn’t the worst for online companies.

Events often affect traffic in one way or another. For worse or for better. Here’s an example of traffic during the Meta Outage:

Statistic from Pornhub while Meta Outrage

This leads us to conclude that dating in general, and Adult Dating specifically, absolutely cannot be overlooked as dating is a clear subject of interest for the majority of the population.

Dating is a huge industry, where you can earn a fortune.

And it has a variety of offers, too!

Variety of Dating offers

With all that general info, hopefully, we’ve sparked your interest when it comes to Adult Vertical. Now you know how in-demand and popular it is, you can consider them an option to work with. In our next article, we’ll talk more about how you can earn a living on Adult offers, give you a few pieces of advice on how to up your creatives, and how to target your audience. Don’t miss it!