Newcomer Pack – Bonuses for new affiliates

You've decided to work with Trafee? We're glad you did. Affiliate marketing is tough, especially when you start working with a new network. So here's a list of bonuses we'd like to provide!

Insights to Sweepstakes Vertical for 2023

Top trends to boost your Sweepstakes campaigns in affiliate marketing + best GEOs to work with in 2023. Learn how to earn on Sweepstakes Vertical with Trafee!

Everything you need to know about CZ GEO

There’s a country that attracts many tourists and professionals. They live in this country, hold parties there, work and study. Traffic from there is as rich as its history. Not to mention that the beer here is cheaper than water… Can you guess where it is? *Drum roll* It is the mighty Czech Republic.