[Case Study] $66 500 Profit on Dating Offers with Push Notifications

General info of the case study:

Affiliate Networks: Trafee

Offer: Dating SmartLink and other offers

Tracking: Binom

Spent: ~ $112 500

Earned: ~ $179 000

Profit: ~ $66 500

GEOs: World Wide

ROI: ~59%

Traffic Source: Push Notification

Period: 01.09.2021–01.12.2021

1. Before we get started

Today we’re going to show a step-by-step comprehensive case study about how to master advertising dating offers with push notifications.

Before we get started, it’s essential to go over some of the crucial details of this dating case study.

The case study will show how to promote dating offers on push traffic and, most importantly, how to profit from it.

We spent $112 500 in three months. During this time, we earned $179 000, which equals $66 500 profit. Please note that we don’t typically share this information. But today, as part of our commitment to consistently helping you bring the money we are going to.

It’s our goal for you to find this information relevant.

2. Traffic source

Push advertising delivers notifications to opt-in users’ desktops or mobile devices. It’s a kind of native ad format.

These ads are highly captivating as they present offers in a non-intrusive and user-friendly way. They’re excellent for advertisers to renovate and grow their target audiences.

In simple words, push notifications are advertising messages offered by websites on mobile devices and desktops. When a person clicks on the ad, there are redirected to a landing page or product offer.

The primary idea is to generate traffic to get conversions.

Some of the advantages are that only opt-in users can receive push notifications.

Additionally, subscribers only get a defined number of messages and can unsubscribe whenever they like. This allows advertisers to reach a target audience, improving their return on investment.

Most internet browsers support push notifications. However, at the moment, they’re not backed by iOS devices.

Some of the advantages of push notifications are:

  • User-friendly
  • More personalized messages. They’re sent directly to a user’s mobile or desktop device
  • Easy way to expand target audience and earn more money
  • Users received non-intrusive messages
  • A high click-through rate

There are many benefits of advertising using push notifications. Still, it’s essential to keep in mind that there are also some disadvantages.

For instance, push notifications don’t explicitly allow adult campaigns. Advertisers should always run clean campaigns.

Statistics from Trafee Affiliate Network

Also, even though these messages only appear to opt-in users, they might become unwanted. We recommend sending traffic to a landing page or microsite as direct linking doesn’t perform well with these ads.

Finally, it’s essential to understand that some campaigns might not be as profitable as expected. Advertisers need to invest more to win a bid due to high competition.

You can use any traffic source based on your needs as long as it is significant.

3. Affiliate Network

Based on our experience, we decided to go with Trafee as our affiliate network. We select dating offers such as Dating SmartLink since they convert very well with push notifications.

Trafee is an affiliate platform that partners mostly with professional marketing businesses and web admins. To register, you need to specify traffic sources, ad formats, geo, and background with other companies with statistics.

Register and SmartLink will scrutinize your traffic sources and determine which creatives are best to maximize profit if your application is approved.

Statistics from Trafee Affiliate Network

SmartLink is a revolutionary technology that contains multiple offers in one link. It allows users to send traffic to the optimal offer to monetize every click to increase ROI.

4. Pre-landers

One of the advantages of using Trafee is that you don’t need to search for pre-landers as they’re provided. They’re always matched with the offers’ topics.

Trafee pre-landers are practical and straightforward. They’re translated to every language as it’s an automatic network.

Trafee pre-landers

5. Creatives

Now it’s time to develop a push notification creative. For this, you’ll need:

  • A 192x192 icon
  • Up to 30 characters title
  • Up to 40 characters description
  • A 360x240 banner image (optional)

Remember, it’s possible to use whichever Push Notification service you want as long as it meets your requirements.

Since this case study is for the adult dating vertical, making push notifications look like authentic messages is crucial. Make sure to test different photo + text combinations.

We tested approximately 35 creative sets. Then, we chose the optimal combinations, and once we were satisfied, we were only alternating the icons.

We searched Google for photos, and the keywords we used were “selfies of beautiful females.”

“selfies of beautiful females.”

Since we targeted the adult dating vertical, we focused our search on pretty girls with a face close-up. We avoided professional models because we wanted to look like a chat message from a real girl.

Don’t forget to smartly use GEOs and information such as women’s nationality, name, and language in push notifications.

Use Google to find the most common names for girls in your target country and use one in the title. Write a short description such as “Hi! Can we meet?”We encourage you to use emojis. Always write the message in the local language.

The primary purpose is to persuade the user that the woman approaching them is authentic. That’s the best strategy to boost CTR.

6. Running campaigns

Your push notification campaign is ready to run. For this campaign, our geo was worldwide. This was not a problem because Trafee provides WW options, and all of them make excellent revenue.

Tier-1 Countries are those locations with high-quality audiences. These users have higher amounts of money to spend.

Please note running campaigns in these places is more expensive as most advertisers target them. So it’s vital to take an indirect approach with your creatives. Some of them are:

The United Kingdom
United States of America
New Zealand

Even though Tier-1 Countries are excellent, we recommend focusing on Tier-3 GEOs because Trafee provides multiple offers for these locations.

Tier-3 locations are optimal for conversions even though they have the lowest returns. These countries are excellent for new affiliates since this traffic is cheaper, allowing them to learn about different target audiences without spending too much.

Some of these countries include:


7. Results

Spent: ~$112 500

Earned: ~$179 000

Profit: ~$66 500

ROI: ~59%

8. Conclusion

Push notifications effectively launch campaigns and have better conversions than other forms of advertisement. Trafee provides you with the best verticals to work with push notifications such as dating, gaming, gambling, and sweepstakes.

To launch a successful campaign, you must test different GEOs, offers, verticals, bidding models, and targeting options.

Finally, remember Trafee, with its SmartLinks, makes it easier to maximize your revenue.