How to create more than one TikTok account?

During the coronavirus pandemic, TikTok became an integral part of our activity to check social media. Using TikTok will be profitable for arbitrage webmasters who use the link promotion. Tune in & learn how to do the magic!

TikTok vs. Webmaster: Who wins?

After the registration in Trafee’s partner program, a webmaster can create a SmartLink which will be promoted further to a significant number of accounts. Yet, there is a challenge: TikTok algorithms understand this scheme and do not change the account’s location.

As we all know, app developers do not sleep all day; they improve the algorithms for better performance in their projects. That is why we face the struggle to create a lot of TiktTok accounts from one location.

What should I do in this case? We found a solution!

Undoubtedly, the number of accounts matters to a webmaster for a simple reason. The bigger the number of active accounts, the bigger the auditory, and the bigger the number of clicks on the smart links.

The solution is easier than you might think. Simply, turn on the VPN, change the language on your device, and remove the SIM card. (Look at the screenshots attached).

The solution how to create more than one TikTok account

By doing this, you will ‘hack’ TikTok algorithms and improve the performance of your Smartlinks.

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