The benefits of social media traffic over chat traffic

It is not a secret that people use social media during their free time or anytime they feel bored. By doing that, they create social media traffic which can lead to the sales of advertised products or services. In fact, advertisers took advantage of this phenomenon as the company generates sales from the interest of potential clients.

Thanks to Trafee and the experts there who explained how your company could benefit from the traffic and which one works out the best, especially for you. Is it a mobile app, SEO, social, email, media buy, or chat traffic? Let’s find out!

Social network traffic: overview

One of the most popular types of traffic used and provided by Trafee is social traffic. Usually, it is generated on social networks and dating apps, and sites. In the Trafee network, social traffic converts well if the one fundamental condition is followed: the user has to be interested and engaged.

If the user just follows instructions like a robot, the results would not be as promising as with high interest and engagement of potential customers.

Chat traffic: a quick guide

Chat traffic, on the other hand, has a slightly different concept. Similar to social traffic, it is provided by Trafee. Yet, the traffic is generated from various chats such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other platforms.

Interestingly, chat traffic can be confused with motivated traffic, which is not allowed on Trafee. To avoid confusion, make sure that your ad campaign should contain a link and an enticing description. Remember that there should be no detailed descriptions in chat traffic!

Most advertisers consider chat traffic to be low-quality traffic. That is why chat traffic has attractive prices and rates: they are low. Moreover, if advertisers count some conversions with fraud traffic, which is banned in Trafee, it will be hard to prove the opposite.

Trafee’s advice

Do not forget that arbitrage is a job that requires analytics, but most importantly, patience.

To create your working case, you should do the following: create engaging creatives, test constantly working and not working links, and have the pride of making your company thriving. Thanks to the webmaster profession, the proper setup and automated processes can bring lots of money in a short time.

Trafee is always there for you to guide you through preferred traffic such as Mobile App, SEO, Social, Email, MediaBuy. Remember to engage potential customers in the actions, and there should be a specific interest from them!

Due to the increasing complaints from advertisers, Trafee decided to completely stop accepting chat traffic.Trafee does not accept chat traffic from Kik, Snapchat, Meet me, etc.

Motivated and fraudulent traffic is banned, and Trafee does not work with them.