Sweepstakes overview

Let’s take a look at what sweepstakes are and how to use them. Sweepstakes are one of the oldest categories of offers available and are still widely relevant today. Read our article to learn more about sweepstakes!

What is the earnings based on?

In most cases, the users of a vertical are invited to take part in a prize drawing on the advertiser’s website. The user must fulfill one of the following conditions: register on the advertiser’s website, take a survey or enter his personal data such as CC data.

After fulfilling these conditions the user will then be included in the list of lottery participants. From these participants, the winner will be randomly selected. The most common prizes for participants in such promotions are gift certificates, discounts to local shops, bonus cards and mobile gadgets.

Types of offers

Trafee works with the most famous sweepstake offer models — CC Submit, PPS, and SOI. Let’s explore the main similarities and differences of the offers in order to help you decide which rotation suits you best.

CC Submit is an offer that requires you to link your credit card. In order to fulfill the conditions on the CC Submit offer, the participant must link their credit card and subscribe to a free or test trial of services. Alternatively, they can confirm the client’s solvency with a trial payment by paying as little as 1$.When the trial period is finished the subscription fee will be automatically debited from the card and the next subscription will be available for full price right away.

PPS is one of the most popular offer models available in affiliate marketing. With this offer the webmaster receives a percentage from the purchases of customers whom he was able to attract to the website. This kind of offer is the most desirable for webmasters as it allows them to attain a higher profit from sales.

SOI is an offer that allows you to receive a conversion by registering for an offer. However, the earnings from each lead are small — at approximately $ 0.5 — $ 3. To use this offer, the user simply has to fill out the provided form and click the confirmation button. After entering their data correctly the conversion will be received as soon as possible.

Benefits of sweepstakes

Sweepstake offers use the excitement of users, targeting their desire to potentially receive a long-awaited prize as a result of a free action on an advertiser’s site.

Moreover, from the data the advertiser collects a customer base which can then be used for future advertising campaigns. With the right targeting the affiliate marketer can earn rewards easily as the desire from users to receive prizes is always strong.

Important points

There are several things to note when it comes to working with sweepstakes.

Firstly, make sure to warm up the audience with the help of pre-landers, the so-called high-quality thematic content provided.Trafee already has pre-landers available for each of its offers that increase the chance of conversions.

The second thing we recommend is that you use and test different creatives. For example, prepare a landing page for each geolocation in the language of a given country. Be sure that you use a tracker to receive statistics for analysis and subsequent optimization of landing pages and advertising campaign settings.

Also, it is vital to choose the correct geolocation as the governments of some countries (for example, Iran and China,Indonesia) block sweepstakes thematic sites. That is why it is worth paying attention to countries with a solvent audience and more loyal laws. Trafee TOP 10 Geos for this vertical are: Canada, USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Japan, Mexico, Italy, and South Africa. From our statistics we conclude that you should pay attention not only to tier 1 countries but also to those from tier 2.

Accordingly sweepstakes use the excitement of users and their desire to receive a prize as an incentive for free registration.Trafee Smartlink can help you with choosing the sweepstake offer that will be the most profitable and convenient for you and your company.